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IV. Kabbalah and Zionism

Yehuda Solomon Alkalai was born in the year 1798 in Sarajevo, Bosnia. He studied in Jerusalem under different Rabbis and came under the influence of the Kabbalah. In the year 1825 he became Rabbi of Semlin, the capital of Serbia. In the year 1834 he proclaimed for the first time the idea of political independence of the Jews and the creation of the state of Israel in his pamphlet Shema Yisrael ("Listen O Israel"). Therein he proposed erecting Jewish settlements in the land of Israel as predecessor to the Messianic redemption. But this idea was seen by the Jews as heresy because they believed that the Messianic redemption would be caused by a supernatural event caused by God. The rabbinic doctrine was that the Messiah would first lead the people of Israel in the apocalyptic war of Gog and Magog and then conquer the land of Israel.

But Alkalai believed after his study of the Kabbalah that the year 5600 (1840) would be the beginning of the Messianic redemption and he asked the Jews to make efforts for the redemption and to found the state of Israel. He was dreaming of a worldwide organization, which should support the founding of Israel. He became member of an association for the colonialization of Israel and became very active there.

His ideas were later followed up by Theodor Herzl, whose grandfather was a friend of Alkalai. Herzl wrote 1896 under the impression of anti-Semitic tendencies in Paris (Dreyfuss) his book "Der Judenstaat" (State of the Jews). The influence of this book, but especially the political Zionism founded by him, set a development in motion, which contributed essentially to the foundation of the state of Israel in the year 1948. This is the official version, but it can be said for sure that the idea of the foundation of Israel was much older. The force behind Zionism were and are the Kabbalists / freemasons with kabbalistic foundation.

The Kabbalah is a companion or adjunct text to the Talmud. Its myriad of axioms and labyrinthine commentaries contain a body of lore transmitted from one generation to another, not just by the written word, but more importantly, by a powerful and mostly secret oral tradition. Judaists (the proper English word for practitioners of Judaism) are not unique in this regard. In Jewry itself there exists different directions of Kabbala of which the most known is the one of Rabbi Isaac Luria (1534-1572). Kabbalistic teachings found also growing attention from the beginning of the 20th century with theologians and occult circles like the theosophy or the Golden Dawn, as well as New Age and Esoteric.

The foundation of kabbalistic tradition is the search for an experience of close relation to God. According to kabbalistic thinking, God created everything He created in the universe also in man. The perfection of the godly macrocosm does personify itself in man who, as microcosm, is imperfect but nonetheless an image of the heavenly man Adam.

When Adam descended he split in 600,000 parts. In each part does exist what already existed in the ancient Adam, therefore every part is a little Adam. And like in the spiritual Adam all characteristics and forces of the whole universe were concentrated, so they are now in each splinter. And these splinters are called "human souls".

Each soul contains all ten Sephirot. Sephirot is the Hebrew name for the godly emanations in the kabbalistic tree of life. They form in its entity symbolically the heavenly man, the Adam Kadmon. After Adam had eaten the fruit of knowledge, he lost his heavenly state and descended to this world. The ten Sephirot are transformers of the energy. The energy descended, through the Sephirot, until it manifested itself in Malchut and man manifested himself as human. The energy lost quality with each step.

In order to reach his original state, man must pass through all ten Sephirot, in a kind of spiritual development or process of gaining knowledge.

The ten Sephirot are the following:

  • Kether (Crown)
  • Chochmah (Wisdom)
  • Binah (Understanding, Reason, analytical Intelligence)
  • Chesed (Love, Grace)
  • Gewurah (Power, Victory, Justice)
  • Tiphereth (Glory, Beauty)
  • Nezach (Endurance, Fortitude)
  • Hod (Splendor, Majesty)
  • Jesod (Foundation)
  • Malchuth (Kingdom, Reign)

How exactly this process of realization proceeds is an immensely complex subject. One can study for decades! Well, decades are even not sufficient! Like Hindus or Buddhists, Kabbalists believe that a person undergoes countless incarnations, so they also believe that they are born again (called gilgul) until they have completed the process of realization.

All the souls that have previously formed the original form Adam, form this unit still today. It is only the illusion of this world that they perceive themselves as separate beings, but in reality they are one. And also become one again when they reach the original state of paradise. Until then, the souls will return again and again to this world, until this goal is realized. Therefore, each generation constitutes the same 600,000 souls who clothe themselves in various bodies of this world until a certain stage of development is achieved.

Many Kabbalists believe that this is the time just before the reunion of souls! They expect a new era in which there is a new world order, in which the souls live united and find their true identity, under the reign of a king from the house of David:

There shall be no end in increase of his government and peace on the throne of David and over his kingdom, to order and support it with justice and with righteousness from henceforth even for ever. [Isaiah 9, 7]

Here is an excerpt of the message of B'nei Baruch, an Israeli organization that advocates Kabbalah:

The wisdom of the Kabbalah, hidden for thousands of years, now comes to light. She has been waiting for a time in which we are sufficiently developed and ready to translate the message. Today it appears as a message and a solution which can unite the parties within and between the nations, and may bring all of us, as individuals and as a society, to a much better state.

That sounds very nice! But to whom is this actually addressed? Do they speak also to the Palestinians? Read it very carefully: hidden for thousands of years! Why hidden? Judaism is not and was never hidden! Maybe because it was once condemned as heresy?

Most people who ever studied Kabbalah and saw it only as a path to self-realization, as a way of spiritual development, do not understand one very important detail. The number 600.000 is NOT figurative, at least not for those seeking world domination and who support Zionism. Twelve Tribes of Israel x 50,000 are 600.000. These are the original souls that make up a unit and are born again until they eventually reach the original paradisiacal state, but this time enhanced by the knowledge of what is good and evil, with the quality of God. The 600.000 are the chosen people. Most of us unfortunately do NOT belong to them! We are called Goyim! (In the Bible, however, only 144.000 are mentioned: 12.000 x 12 tribes of Israel (Off 14.1) but also by a large group of people from different nations with white robes (Off 7.9.).)

In the Kabbalistic book Zohar, which is of fundamental importance to Freemasonry with kabbalistic base, we read (if the book was not censored):

The biggest scum are the peoples of the world, they are dark and are called non-Jews (goyim). [Zohar III, 125a]

But how do you deal with this scum?

The truth is that one should castrate the men (of those non-Jews) and kill their women. [Zohar I, 13b]

Yes, that makes sense! When you see how the Israelis treat the Palestinians and then on the other hand how much effort they do just to retrieve two dead bodies of their own!

"Here was cleaned out with machine guns, then with grenades and finally with knives," commented the representative of the Red Cross, de Reynier, the massacre of Deir Yassin (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 11.4.98, p. 6). Responsible for this massacre was the Zionist terrorist Menachem Begin, who is usually praised in the West as a peacemaker and even won the Nobel Peace Prize. On his orders, women, children and old people were thrown alive into the village well. Then he personally threw as an encore a couple of hand grenades into the well to silence the screams of the dying. All this happened with M. Begin own occult-kabbalistic motivated policy, the same basis which is venerated in the West as the humanistic principles of Freemasonry. For this massacre, one of many in his career, Begin received from the Masonic Lodge B'nai B'rith (Sons of the Covenant), the high award of the Order of Joseph, because he had liberated holy land of Arabs. The same lodge also reported that Israel took over from the Palestinians abandoned land. When we think of Deir Yassin, then it is no wonder that this land was abandoned! These and other criminal lies to glorify the genocide and to protect the responsible butchers is typically for B'nai B'rith, to which high-level politicians of the Western States belong. Whether Begin himself belonged to this lodge is irrelevant, because the high award speaks clear words on the position of the Freemasons and their extreme criminal potential regardless of a membership.

So what can we expect as goyim?

Extermination or enslavement! Nothing else is intended for us. The love of which B'nei Baruch speaks, applies only to the chosen people. And both slavery and extermination has already begun. Who does not believe this should please open his eyes (and I hope the following chapters help).

Would it not have been sufficient to detonate the atom bomb at sea off the coast of Japan and say, "Look here, we can make them explode over your heads if you do not surrender"? Why did they throw directly two bombs without any warning? Why could they not wait for Japan to surrender after the first bomb? Who ordered this? It was Harry S. Truman, Past Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge of Missouri! If it is true that these Masonic lodges follow 'humanist' ideals, how could he commit such a crime? The explanation is that the Japanese are goyim!

The nations will take Israel and return it to his native country and in the land of the Lord the house of Israel will make them serfs, to servants and maids. It will imprison those, who held it captive, and will suppress those who once oppressed it. [Isaiah 14, 2]

One wonders: Why are these Jewish occult writings not branded as hate speech? Because if one criticises them one is charged of anti-Semitism? If one says, "Listen, you call us goyim and yourself the chosen people and violate one UN resolution after the other: That is racism" then one is called a racist?

(By the way, at the UN conference in Durban in 1975, Zionism was defined as a form of racism. However, this resolution was later rescinded . or had to be rescinded.)

But, some people will argue now, there are much more than 600,000 Jews. In Israel alone are 5.5 million! Yes certainly! But Jews are not only a race, although most often it is represented that way. Judaism is a religion. Even the Arabs are Semites: descendants of Shem, the son of Noah. The ethnic origin, whether a Jew really descends from the original 12 tribes of Israel, can be determined only with difficulty, if at all.

There are also many non-Semitic people who converted to Judaism (e.g. the people of the Khazars), just as there are many people who study Kabbalah and believe that they already belong to the initiated and enlightened ones and not any longer to "the profane", and can sit with them in the same boat.


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V. The influence of the mystery cults
The hexagram is a symbol that was used in many cultures and is mainly associated with magic and as a talisman in connection with witchcraft. Wizards and witches used it to call Satan. It is much older than David, and both were used in Mesopotamia and Egypt, the place where the mystery cults developed.